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Owning property is not a prerequisite for you to enter the real estate industry.

Scroll down and check out the details of the #AirbnbMoney Mentorship Program.

The #AirbnbMoney Mentorship Program is a comprehensive, 12-week hands-on e-coaching program for those interested in accelerating their journey to financial freedom through becoming an Airbnb host. You're not just looking for quick money, you also want to learn the business behind the numbers.


It's discouraging to feel like you're exhausting all of your options, and to be honest you're probably feeling burnt out and confused.

The reason those things haven't worked for you is because you haven't had the guidance on understanding the real business structure and concepts that come with the short-term rental industry, which is the key to succeeding as a host on Airbnb.

I've seen so many people struggle with this, which is why I created the #AirbnbMoney Coaching Program. With this curriculum, I've been able to scale my Airbnb business to more than $80,000 and counting. With 80% of those earnings coming from just one listing.

If you're truly ready to get started in this game and start living for free, this program was designed specifically for you.

My approach is different from other courses you may have seen because we focus specifically on setting you up with the proper business structure to locate funding, automate and optimize your listing, and delight your guests.

It's 100% possible to succeed on Airbnb without ever hitting that closing table. This is true even if you're not in hot travel city like Atlanta or Miami.

You're someone who wants increase your earning potential through a sustainable method that won't require you to pay tens of thousands of dollars, slide into the DMs of your high school and college classmates, or spend years learning.

I know, I get it. 😒

Right now, just giving up might sound tempting. But the thing is, you're committed to figuring this sh*t out. Not even just for you, but also the people depending on you--your children, your parents, your entire legacy.

You may have already tried hitting YouTube University to piece together a strategy to make some extra money and it just didn't work (because of lack of direction and access to ask questions). 

You may have even decided to invest in an online course to teach you the strategy on getting started. Yet, still no luck.

There are 3 objectives we'll tackle while working together during the training program:

1. Pinpointing the best strategy for you to get started with your short-term rental

2. Locating and listing your first unit on the Airbnb platform

3. Optimizing and automating your listing so you can earn #AirbnbMoney without lifting a finger

The #AirbnbMoney Coaching Program seeks serious applicants with a very specific criteria.

The fact isI can only accept a limited number of mentorship participants at any given time. And (because of my guarantee below) I can only work with those who are qualified and ready to show up, do the work, and focus to achieve the objectives of the program.

Here's what I'm looking for and how to know if the this is right for you.

  • Those who are ready to use the next 6 weeks to learn the game behind the numbers and position themselves for their highest earning year yet
  • Those who not only want to #SecureTheBag but also create a sustainable income stream while doing so
  • Those who are willing and ready to make an investment and commitment to their future self
Those already hosting on Airbnb with the objective to SCALE rather than START
Those unavailable to dedicate 2-3 hours per week to research and learning
People who are not yet financially prepared make an investment
People who are not willing to do the work or want to be hand-held through the entire process
How we'll work together through the program:

The format of this training program is what makes it truly unique and helps you achieve the results you've been desiring for so long. When we speak, I'll explain the exact format and structure and we'll see if it works for you. Right now, what's most important is to know we use a blend of:

  • In-Depth Content—you'll receive the necessary scripts, templates and growth activities to walk you through the #AirbnbMoney framework step-by-step

  • High-Touch, Virtual LIVE Coaching—bi-weekly we'll meet to review and learn a new pillar of the curriculum, make progress on your listing, and answer any questions that you have. You'll also receive a 90-minute strategy call with me at the onset of our time together to map out your plan for success, in addition to ongoing coaching access

  • Intimate Community—we'll have a private group of others also going through the program. You'll be surrounded by other beginners just like you, with the ability to share and exchange experiences or even collaborate

What's covered in the curriculum:

How to properly set up your LLC, EIN, Duns number, AND begin establishing business credit

Strategies to locate listings that are open to rental arbitrage, along with scripts to reach out

Detailed information on furnishing your listing and how you can do so at a budget-friendly price

How to price your listing to maximize your earnings

Automating your unit through smart locks and other techniques

Guidance on creating a search-engine-optimized listing description so you can show up on the first page

Creating themes and a brand around your listing and business

Information on corporate leasing

How to handle guest communication and expectations

The 8 Points of Communication you should have with every guests to ensure a 5-star rating

Setting up automated/scheduled messages for guests

How you can gain Superhost status


I am 100% committed to helping you KILL IT in this industry.


That said, you might still have hesitations about whether what you're reading on this page is truly possible for you and if this training program is the best choice to get you there. 

So in case you're still hesitating to apply, here's a guarantee that you can bank on:

I am willing to promise you that if you participate in all of the calls, implement all of the work, and you do not make your investment back within 90 days of listing your space, then I will continue working with you for free until these results are YOURS.

Sound good?

It's time for you to embark on your journey to financial freedom.

You have the ability to make MAJOR BANK in the real estate industry without ever owning a piece of real estate.

But what you've been doing isn't working and it's time to pivot in a new direction.

You're reading this page because you're likely someone who dreams of the day you won't have to exchange your time for money. 

It's time to hop in this game so you can start living for free and re-allocating those funds as an investment for what you really want to do.

If you're finally ready to see those earnings numbers you've been wanting—let's do this.


I am 100% committed to helping you get results. Your success is tied to mine.

Let me take you behind the scenes on the results that are possible when you secure your spot in the program.

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Let me help you start earning #AirbnbMoney.

Don't spend another moment stalking my content or re-reading this page.
If you know this is for you, trust yourself enough to take this step.
Because opportunity is waiting for you.