Never let your fears consume you

Growing up, I hated public speaking.

No, really.. I HATED IT.

When I was a child, I had a terrible stuttering problem. Even in casual conversations, I would constantly stutter. There were times I was completely terrified of reading aloud because I didn’t know whether or not I would even get through the paragraph, let alone the first sentence. After a while, I realized that this hate was more of a fear. A fear of being embarrassed, laughed at, or ridiculed. It wasn’t until I arrived at college, and was forced to face my fear head on, that I improved my public speaking skills.

It wasn’t until I allowed myself to be placed in that uncomfortable situation of being on stage speaking to a large group of people, that I became better.

I went from not being able to read aloud in class, to being honored to be the keynote speaker for an awards ceremony.

Never let your fears consume you.

The moment they consume you is the moment you can no longer overcome them.

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