There is POWER in relationships

I remember when I first stepped foot into the halls of the Kelley School of Business in the summer of 2013.

I had just turned 17 years old a few months prior, and I had started my first course on the campus of Indiana University through the GROUPS Scholars Program.

There was a feeling of excitement within me in regards to the next four years that lay ahead — but also a feeling of worry. I was worried that as the very first person in my family to attend a post-secondary institution, would I succeed?

I was worried that as one of around 48,000 students on the campus of Indiana University,

“Would I be remembered at the end of my college journey?”

I met Jennifer Pardue during my fall semester of my first year on campus.

She served as my academic adviser, then quickly grew into my coach, mentor, and friend. Throughout my four years at Indiana University, Jenn provided me with assurance and coached me through some of the most pivotal moments in my college career. It is because of this relationship we have built that I was able to graduate with confidence and on time. It is because of this relationship we have built that I am brought to tears thinking of how much love, support, and guidance she has poured into me.

Jenn, you are one of the strongest women I know.

Thank you for being intentional with every relationship you have with the students in the Kelley School of Business. You are appreciated!

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