Success is never final, failure is never fatal

Success is never final, #failure is never fatal.

Just as quickly as you rose to the top, is just as quickly as you can fall to the bottom.

If you are in a place in life that you would consider "the bottom" or complete failure, you have 100% control over changing your position.

When I began my undergraduate journey, I would work extremely hard - all nighters in the library, skipping the parties to study, just truly INVESTING in my education. This all paid off because I ended my freshman year with a 3.8 GPA.

Then I began my sophomore year, and I had become comfortable. Because I had become comfortable, I ended with a 2.1 GPA for that semester. I nearly lost my job, my scholarships, and my MIND because I was not used to failure - especially related to academics.

But I decided to create a #strategy, to get back to where I needed to be. I re-focused myself totally. Fast forward to the next semester, I was enrolled in 20 credit hours and ended those courses with a 3.89 GPA!

Your #success and #growth depends completely on your mindset.

Here's a mindset check:

1. #FOCUS - define your goal and what success means for you

2. #ATTITUDE - react positively and openly to things NOT going your way

3. #COMFORT - never accept 'good enough'

Failure is OK, comfort isn't.


This article is a part of a series, created by Precious C. Price, entitled #OneMinutePush. One Minute Push is an initiative which includes a series of videos and posts that encourage you to want more, be more, and place your life on the fast track to personal and professional growth.

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