5 Best Practices to Getting the Interview

So you didn't get the return offer from your summer internship? Or maybe you did, but you are looking to keep your options open.

Either way, sooner or later, you will have tackle your #careerfair woes.

Check out these #tips that helped me receive offers from companies such as Nielsen, Protiviti, EY, and Accenture:

(1) It ALL begins with confidence.

The aura that you give off to anyone is the energy that they will bounce back. Be confident that you have what it takes to get the job.

(2) Research is imperative.

Go into the career fair with the companies listed out that you would like to target - DO NOT simply walk up to any and every company with small talk. Do your research on your target companies (you want to look up things such as the company culture, recent projects they've been working on, recent news articles, etc.)

Once you do your research,

(3) Have questions.

That is what you want to go up to the recruiters and speak about.

Ask them about their experience at the company, and just about them in general. But DO NOT ask them about what they do, or what jobs they have. From your research you should already know that. Asking them will show them that you may be lazy and did not do your research.

(4) Ask for a business card.

It shows your ambition and also tells them that you will follow up.

So with that, ensure that you follow up (within 24 hours) on what you and the recruiter at that company spoke about - you want to reiterate the skills you have related to the job in the follow up email. In order to remember your conversation, write the topics you spoke about on the back of the business card you collected from them.

Oh yeah,


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