Monday Motivation: What Successful People Know About Time that You Don't

How many of you would say that time is money?

I mean, throughout our lives that is all they say: TIME IS MONEY.

But guess what? They lied.

Time is NOT money.

Rather, time is much more valuable than money will ever be.

When you waste your money, you can easily get that money back. When you waste your time, it is gone forever.

The number one skill that successful individuals and entrepreneurs possess is that they have mastered the art of minimizing the amount of time which they must exchange for money. Think about it, when you arrive to your job — whether it is hourly or salary — what you’re doing is exchanging your very valuable time for money. The more time you give, the more money you make — but also, the more energy you waste.

The common concept among the most successful individuals is passive income, or income which continues to be made whether or not you are physically there. Passive income completely disrupts the ideology that time is money. Once you begin to generate streams of passive income, you can then dedicate your excess time to activities which promote your personal and professional growth — such as reading, listening to podcasts, or even spending more time with family.

Check out this article that touches on 7 Super Smart Ways to Build Passive Income.

When you begin to understand that your time is worth much more than money could ever be, that is when you truly adopt the mindset of an entrepreneur.

What will you do with your next 24 hours?

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