REFOCUS: Introduction to January Monthly Theme

January Theme, One Minute PUSH


With the new year I've decided to refocus a number of things in my life. From goals, to relationships, but most importantly -- One Minute PUSH.

I've found that as I've continued to create content for this initiative, not only has the length of my videos extended but the topics I touch on have spread further than my typical motivationals. Reflecting on my experiences has caused me to want to share what I've learned.

In order to organize my content, I am introducing monthly themes. These themes will range from professional content, to personal content, and just topics I am learning that I would like to share with you.

Today is the first day, of the first month, of a NEW YEAR. What better topic to begin with than GROWTH? Growth of the body, mind, spirit, and of opportunity.

What are your goals for the year of 2018? In what areas of your life do you need growth? How would you define successful growth in those areas?

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