It's Time for an Audit

Serious question, are you going to make it happen or are you going to make it excuses?

Based on my personal experience, I don't believe people understand what it takes to TRULY make it happen. Making it happen requires you stepping outside of your comfort zone. You may need to speak with people who have once talked down on you and your dreams. Making it happen requires staying up late, yet waking up in the morning as if you've had a full night's rest. You cannot look like what you're going through. Making it happen requires distancing yourself to focus in on your STAR PLAYER - because elevation requires separation.

For a very long time, 'by any means necessary' has been my MANTRA to make it through a rough day. See this mantra pretty much embodies the idea that no matter how many times I am knocked down, no matter how many times that I fail, no matter how many people don't believe in me - I am still going to make it happen. But furthermore, this means that I am dedicating myself to my goals. It is one thing to have a goal sitting in your mind, but it's another to dedicate yourself to that goal. To fully immerse yourself and invest in what you believe in. THAT is the differentiating factor between those who make it happen, and those who make excuses.

You wake up every single day, and you're required to make a number of choices. What to eat, what to wear, and what to do. We run to these choices first because they are the most tangible. But has it ever crossed your mind that you make the decision on how to think. I constantly speak on perception and manifesting what you want in your life. Becoming conscious of the intangible, is just as important as being conscious of the tangible. When we don't actively wake up and make a decision on how to think, our minds begin swarming with negative thoughts - but even worse, they begin swarming with excuses. We have to make the conscious effort to keep going and trying, in spite of.

In spite of that army of individuals who may not believe in you.

In spite of the negative thoughts which may fill your head saying that you cannot attain your goals.

In spite of a lack of resources, because you understand that at some point you have to create your own resources.

So I ask again, are you going to make it happen or are you going to make excuses?

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