You're No Impostor, So Stop Acting Like One

You deserve every blessing that you have received in your life.  You deserve it, because you've worked for it.

You've put in the sweat, the tears, and the time to be exactly where you are. So don't cut yourself short. There's this concept known as the impostor syndrome. To put it plainly, those who suffer from impostor syndrome believe that every grasp of success they've attained, is because of chance and chance alone. These individuals feel as if soon enough, the string of luck they have experienced will catch up with them and they will be caught and shown as the 'impostors' they think they are. I've placed this emphasis on think because, more often than not, these are individuals who are anything but impostors. They are people who have invested countless hours in themselves (and others), sacrificed the short-term gain for the long-term benefit, and they work hard now to play even harder later.

They are people JUST LIKE YOU.


Check out this article on the 5 types of impostor syndrome.


Do you suffer from the impostor syndrome? Are there times when you feel you lack the competence to be in the position that you are in? Now ask yourself this: Do you lack competence, or do you lack confidence? If you were not competent enough, you would not have sustained the success you have. 

If you were not competent enough, you would not have so many people struggling to get to the position you are currently at. 

If you were not competent enough, you simply would not have reached this point in your life.

So it isn't competence that you lack, but confidence in yourself that you deserve everything that you have now, along with what you have coming.

It's time to regain your confidence. You're no impostor. You deserve this, because you've earned this.

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