Here's the Problem with Potential

We tend to hold a futuristic state of mind, meaning that we see things and people not for how they are right now but for how we hope for them to be.

How many times have you found yourself holding onto the hope that someone will finally be who YOU hope them to be? Yet they fall short, every single time.

Because that isn’t who they aspire to be.

You cannot want more for someone than they want for themselves.

Expectations such as this will lead to disappointments every time.

Rather than seeing someone for how you want them to be, see them for who they truly are. If who they are is someone you cannot accept, then LEAVE.

You cannot give someone a sincere spirit. You cannot give someone the qualities that you want them to have. They have to want more for themselves.

They have to see more within themselves.

Let’s let the potential go. What are they offering you NOW?

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