SE Asia: 28 Days, 11 Cities, and 6 Countries

I recently returned from my nearly month-long trek throughout Southeast Asia where I visited Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Japan, and the experience I had was nothing short of life-changing. From viewing many temples and shrines to being engulfed in this very sacred culture right at the beginning of Ramadan, and even experiencing all of the scenic views, sweet fruit, and tasty cuisine. I've received a number of questions surrounding how did I plan my itinerary, how much did it cost, where did I stay, and so much more. Because I know how daunting planning such a large trip can be, and because I am also a huge advocate for young people seeing the world -- I have no problem sharing all the details. However, bear with me as this will be one of my lengthier articles yet well worth the read!

If you want to check out a complete and more visual recap of my trip, separated by city, feel free to follow me on Instagram and peruse my profile highlights (@preciouscprice).

This trip was initially planned as a promise I made to myself: Upon earning my Master's degree in Information Systems from the Kelley School of Business, I would take an extended trip across the world prior to starting my career at Accenture -- SOLO. Now once it was all said and done, only half of my trip ended up being solo but nonetheless it was amazing.

Believe it or not, I actually planned t