Shake Off Post-Grad Uncertainty: 7 Insights to Follow When Transitioning into a Consulting Role

As recent graduates who both recently relocated, and are beginning to travel frequently for work, we realize that thousands of other professionals are walking (in this case, flying!) in our shoes.

Given our current experience in relocation and travel-bound careers, we’d like to provide you with 7 key insights that will help you transition into your new opportunity. Accounting for your professional, personal, and social wellbeing during your transition is crucial with the level of uncertainty you are gearing up to encounter.

Use these insights to become intentional in your approach to transition and the consequent habits that form!

  1. Relocate a couple of weeks early in order to settle in and create a solid foundation for your upcoming changes in work/responsibility. This will allow you to develop a sense of comfort in your residence and translate that comfort to the other changes you’re about to encounter.

  2. Engage one work collea